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T-Nation sayings, people, and other things you will never truly comprehend unless you live on this site:

  1. The true horror of DieselWeasel.
  2. Zeb-gate
  3. The Professor X divide
  4. Foopa


0.9 bananas


The many meanings of Tube steak boogie.

The perverted genius that is Vegita.

Why being a "soy-boy" is bad and why people who curl in the squat rack should be flogged.


I got two out of four!

Did I pass?

Like any good university this should be on the curve...


There's also 'getting Oogied'.

Explain 'Zeb-gate' though, I'm not too sure of that one.


biblechins anyone?

aw now i hafta post the link to the funniest thread this site will ever have http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=547100&pageNo=0


Light Power and Al Shades and the heights of their excellence.


That is fucking hysterical. Thank God I came here in February and was quiet at the outset.


The wording, "PWNED".


Zeb-gate was the nickname given to the period when there was a large amount of battle going on concerning Zeb's fondness for doing chins.

Check out the Imitate T-Members thread that was posted above, and look for the Zeb-isms.


1) O.9 bananas is a CLASSIC! (Where is Al???)

2) Karma's unique way of pissing off just about every woman whom has ever posted on the site, while at the same time keeping "The Nation" hot and steamy!

3) The women who post on this site who stand right in the middle of the "Locker Room", "sweaty jocks" and all...and post what the Hell they feel like WHEN they feel like it...while daring all us guys to "Bring it..."

The woman who post here are amazing...

4) The AMAZING people who post their pics, imperfections and all.

5) The AMAZING people who share their lives.

6) The Moderators who have the thankless (and difficult) job of maintaining the quality of the site while keeping it's vitality.

Because of them, the site has not suffered the fate of many others; of slowly morphing into this strange mix of pseudo-sexual/pseudo-political/fetish and hate riddled/wasteland of adolescent fantasies, pedophilia, political propaganda and whatever deep seated, unresolved issue that someone can't express in their real life.

Because if them, the site has not only avoided the fate of many other sites...it continues to improve in its quality.

Thanks, guys!

7) Prof-X keeping the kids weighing a buck 20 honest when they post that they want to "get ripped" and show their abs.

8) TC , Tim and Shugs openess and honesty.

9) The "Atomic Dog"; love it or hate it...it makes you think...

10) The best Political discussions on all the Net...

11) The best collection of contributors on all the Net

12) Rainjack keeping us Liberals in check!

13) These guys providing all this amazing wealth of imformation for free...and at a loss...

14) The way the Editors and contributors have fundamentally changed the way many look at everything from diets to Bodybuilding...and from gym behavior to Personal Trainers...

I'm SURE there are more!



By the way...

A squat rack is a SAFETY device...NOT a "convenience" device...



If you weigh under 160 pounds, especially being over 5'8 or so... Get ready.



If you haven't been on this site at least 2 years, you'll never know about "Tampa Terry" and how this amazing person helped literally hundreds who came to this site, mostly with their nutrition...

"TT" is missed...



Thanks to Mufasa's reference to it -

Squat rack curls.


What ever happened to her? She was one of the most helpful posters in the history of the site.


"TT" did give amazing advice. And what she knew about fats would blow your mind. I'm still eating 1.5g Protien per pound of LBM between .4 and .5g of Fat per pound of LBM and carbs dependent on the situation thanks to her.


Memories. LOL


You're all gay (not that there is anything wrong with that)



i m the most muscular teenager i can leg press 1210 pounds for 21 reps. i dont do squats or deadlifts they r bad 4 my back. i m sixteen but i lifted 4 10 yrs. i m 280 lbs at 5 per cent bodyfat.