T Nation

T-Nationers from Other Countries

In america we have our defining visual moments weather it be good or bad. Examples,

The moon landing, people getting sprayed with hoses during the civil rights movement, 911 attacks, vietnam war images/protesting,martin Luther king’s, “I have a dream speech”, President Kennedy assassination,The miracle on Ice(Usa beats USSR in the 1980 olympics) Space shuttle “Challenger” explosion. These are The United States Defining images, how about your country??

please add video if possible.

Canada vs Russia in 74’. Canada stopped for a day to watch that game. Henderson you sweet double shifting basterd lol.


The Famine 1844-1849
The 1916 Rising
The 1921 Anglo Irish Treaty
The Civil War 1922-1923
The 1937 Constitution (Pretty much the founding of the sovereign 26 County Republic)