T Nation


Just an idea:

A group of people with a common bond (T-men and T-vixens or something else) start a new physical nation for themselves.

They could buy some freehold land somewhere and then run there lives as they and only they see fit. Minimal government influence, tax, regulation and service.

What do you think?

if its a island in cancun… im in.

cancun is part of the mainland isn’t it…let’s pick an island in the caribbean or indian ocean

America in its beginnings.

im on if you got the island. ill supply the biatches!

check out past threads on t-gym, t-etc. and you will find a lot of different ideas for T-utopia.

Kind of like “The Beach?” Bring along that french chick and I’m in…

Truth is, it wouldn’t work…too many egos.

Ego doesn’t exist in a world that is dictated by more than 1 person. That is the problem here. Get rid of it.

Care to explain Lucid?

Im still trying to figure out the Narcissistic andTude thing.

one word…Hawaii.

let the T-nation kick whe weak out…

Make it a nudist colony.

If it were t-people, it would work alright as a nudist colony… except for tribex/redcat/alphamale induced hard-ons…