T-Nation Yearlong Training Plan?

I was debating myself whether to post it in this forum or the “get a life” but decided to post here. I was going through Men’s Fitness web page(yes I do from time to time)and I noticed that they had what they call “the yearlong plan” in which they give you workouts each month and divide the plan into phases, wouldn’t it be interesting to have something similar to this in T-Nation?

Maybe make a yearlong T-Nation plan and divided into phases and get on of the coaches for each phase, say: Waterbury (body comp/fatloss), Thibs (muscle gain/hypertrophy), Dave Tate (max strength) etc.
Just wanted to see what you guys thought about it…?


cool idea… it would be great to be able to compare with everyone involved…

Such a plan divided into fatloss, hypertrophy and strength would lead to failure.

First of all, strength and hypertrophy go hand in hand. You need to incorporate both for optimal results. Alternating between maxiaml strength and maximal hypertrophy would be fine, but…

Including fatloss phases would ruin things. You’d build “some” muscle, and then lose it all because of some fat that you absoloutly had to lose.

Listen to me on this. I actually think I can be an expert on this topic. Dont waste your time alternating between fatloss and strength/hypertrophy. You’ll just go in circles. I know…I tried.

Alternating between maximal hyp/strength is ok.

Alternating between hyp/strength and fatloss is pointless

Why make a “cookie cutter” program for everyone? Why not just use the information available on this site from all the coaches and members to make your own, customized plan based on your own goals and past experience?