T-Nation Works!

Woohooo!! i have increased my dead lift by 22 pounds in 3 weeks !!!

now, even tho i did a LOT of BIG mistakes in the process (like doing the same ME and different RE for the “west side” method… god damn …) i still managed to increase my STUNNING 279 pound lift up to the incredible, mind blowing 300 and 1 (301 pound in total) at only 220 pound body weight!!! … whahaha ! i’m so happy i’m going to drink some extra milk and eat some extra meat today…

all it took was to finally begin training the technique from scratch. now that i got he west side ideas figured out, nothing can stop me! cant wait till i can dead lift 400 and then 500 pounds, and why stop there! i’m only 18! damn it was a good day. all those weird looks when i was doing low box squats with my feet apart and ass sticking back paid back, and fast too.

T-Nation rocks, and it turns out most of the guys close to me are on some sort of roids … and don’t even know what a pct is … god damn i’m glad i found this site!

Congrats nice work keep it up