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Hey everyone,

My name is Jim White and I am currently completing my Master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. I am a Canadian and have used many of Christian Thibaudeau’s concepts when training my own athletes.

Basically, this email is in regards to the possibility of organizing a weekend workshop with Christian. This is very preliminary, but I wanted to get an idea of how much interest there is for this to happen.

So, if you live in the area or are willing to travel…would you be interested?

I live in downtown MIlwaukee.

I live in Stevens Point and work for the University. I would love to have CT come. I have some contacts here and could probably host the event. PM me and we’ll talk.


Great idea! I live about 20 minutes away from LaCrosse so if you can get him to come up I’m there.

genius! platteville is not too far


I just moved from Minnesota, all the way to… South Dakota.

I might be up for the drive, depending upon when it is.

Hmm… its about a 3.5 hour drive for me. If it piques my interest I might.

I’m pretty close, River Falls. If it’s possible to organize this I’d be interested.

I’d be interested. I live in Madison.

i live in la crosse, i’d be up for it

Twin cities here, I’d be down for sure.

Sitting in Rochester right now.

I live in Minneapolis and I’d be willing to come.

I’m in Appleton, close to 3 hours from LaCrosse, but only an hour and 1/4 from Stevens Points. I have a friend who owns a gym in Point, he’s a world-class powerlifter, used to do strongman events with me, he may be open to hosting the seminar. I’ll attend.

I grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from UW-LaCrosse. I currently live in Des Moines but would do my best to be there if you had Christian in LaCrosse.