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T-Nation vs Planet Fitness on Twitter?


You’re right.


Excuses are like assholes

Are you going to apologize for getting complimentary and complementary confused as well? Or was that due to your hard w/o?

btw I’m joking


The pedant in me couldn’t let this slide. If you’re gonna correct someone’s grammar, get it right.

“Complimentary” was the correct term here, as in ‘free, with our compliments’…


You know what, fuck me, you’re right.

I like the cut of your jib


That’s the soy talking.


That’s why i got the words wrong … soy was clouding my thinking. From here on out nothing but a carnivore diet




Waiting for my wife near the front desk of the gym, some guy next tome asks for a shake (the gym makes shakes) and the gym employee is like “do you want soy?” And the guy goes “Nah bro soy gives you bitch tits” loudly, as another guy next to us stares down at his half-finished soy shake with a look of horror. I enjoyed it.


Now it’s T Nation vs. The Carnivore folks, lol.


I travel extensively for work and still manage to get to a gym 5 days a week, sometimes the only opportunity to get my workout in is at a PF. While it does suck if they don’t have free barbells or benches, I can usually modify my program to make it work in a smith machine (which they always have). Mind you I would never join this franchise but I do use the free day passes here and there at ones I haven’t been to. The crazy thing is if you have to pay for a day pass at one they are asking $20, which I would not ever do based on the fact that’s the fee for the whole month. If they get you to join I’ve heard they make it hard to cancel.


I also hear that they have hidden fees in their contracts


Only thing I’ve seen is a once a year ‘maintenance’ change. Not the only gym I’ve belonged to that had one tho.