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T-Nation vs Planet Fitness on Twitter?


This is one of the reasons PF is pure evil and pure genius. They provide the foods that keep people fat and coming to the gym. It’s an incredible business model (and totally diabolical). Also, they make it very hard for dedicated lifters (i.e. fit people) to exercise there. This eliminates any role models or visual goals to aspire to, and that encourages complacency. Finally, the membership price is so low that you don’t feel bad for skipping a workout. They opened PF just a half mile down the road from a Gold’s Express in a town near me. Now Gold’s is practically empty, and PF is booming. It’s equal parts frustrating and incredible.


I never understood the whole intimidated thing. I think its nothing more than a excuse for people whom dont want to be reminded of their own lack of physical development.


I workout at a PF a couple times a week (while traveling for work). It’s really not that bad. If your program doesn’t have squats, bench or deadlift, you’ll be just fine. There’s also quite a few big dudes and lots of attractive women.

I only joined tho because it’s super cheep and no contract. I didn’t want to spend lots of money on a gym I only use while traveling.




Toxic Masculinity!


That’s like 90% of my program right there


Their monthly rate is cheaper than some gyms drop-in price. I have one next to my house and if I didnt have a home gym would probably sign up just for the free pizza and an arm day if I was bulking :wink:




Ha! I had to add my $0.02

They’re model lets people feel good about getting to the gym without them actually do anything physical (or very little). It’s definitely a brilliant business model.


I once did a cost/benefit analysis to figure out how much pizza I’d have to eat to pay for a membership…

I’m such a fatty at heart.


Did you factor in tootsie rolls ?


I didn’t, I looked at Pizza Monday’s and bagel Friday’s. 2 slices @ $1/ea x 4.3 weeks $8.6. At $2/slice $17.20. That’s not far off the $25.24 a month price tag for “Black Card” membership.

*Doesn’t factor in taxes.


Yes, but black card gets you free guests (calculate their contribution to pizza, tootsies and bagels) and tanning.


I wouldn’t count them unless they’re splitting the membership cost with me and then it becomes a probability analysis too.


I keep waiting on a joint Papa John’s and PF commercial


You could live in your car and get a PF membership for free food and a place to take a shower, it doesn’t get any cheaper than that!


Free. This guy.


True, it’s not free if you are paying for the membership. I didn’t really think it through before I made that comment. But at the same time, I get the impression that you’re just upset that they don’t offer tofu burgers and soy lattes,


yea, it’s becoming pretty clear critical thinking isn’t your strong suit … so much so you have to attempt to insult people to throw them off … such as:

You get that impression huh? How did you get that impression? Genuinely curious what I said to give you that impression. Just to point out, you’re the one who’s seemingly obsessed with whether or not someone happens to like soy or not … you keep bringing it up … why is that?


Oh come on, it was a joke. You jumped into a soy-related argument in another thread so I thought it would be appropriate. Don’t be so sensitive.

I posted the previous comment about 10 minutes after a hard workout, I apologize for not differentiating between “free” and “complimentary”.