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T-Nation Update!

In this week’s T-Nation:

Atomic Dog: 6-Page Ad Report
by TC (Call the lawyers!)

The Pro-Maker
by Chris Shugart (This new strength coach will kick your ass and make you like it!)

Diet Planning for the Long Haul
by Lonnie Lowery (Lowery is like a wise philosopher, only he gets deep about oatmeal and chicken breasts.)

T-Men are From Mars, T-Vixens are From Venus
by Kristin Reisinger (This one goes out to all the fine ladies in da house tonight… I’ve just always wanted to say that.)

Anabolic Street, Part II
by Chris Shugart (Are those lawyers still on the phone?)

News and Reader Mail (Crazy news, nutty reader mail, and you might even learn something.)

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in the t-men are from mars article, i think she made some solid points in regards to body fat distribution and hormonal issues. but i have to say i do not fully agree with some of the training information.

anabolic street was nice! i look forward to the drug interviews.

Chris Shugart’s interview with Joe DeFranco was highly entertaining, informative, and insightful. Great job Chris!

“T-Men Are From Mars…” : didn’t agree with it at all.

Her, [quote]This one goes out to all the fine ladies in da house tonight… I’ve just always wanted to say that.)
[/quote], was obviously not addressed to include me.


Gotta love that statment.

Another great issue guys.


P-dog why do you disagree w/ her training philosphy? Agree w/ her on many issues including training.
Refer to Christian’s article on Boys vs girls I believe he even changes the rep schemes. With women then men.

In Health,

Silas C.

Chris, I’m liking those fun, little parenthetical descriptions of the articles. I hope you’ll keep it up!

I also didn’t agree with the women’s training article.

Really dig the interviews–keep them coming.
Great Atomic Dog this week.

It’s pretty funny. I quickly checked the website of the author of the “T-Men are from Mars. . .” and there she’s got a ranting sort of article about how women should lift heavy weights and not do so much cardio. You almost wouldn’t know it’s the same person writing. Maybe she was just trying to give a devil’s advocate view here.

I got quite a few laughs from TC’s 6-page ad report. It makes for a very good mockery of “Hyped-Up-Tech” advertorials.

Awesome interview with Coach DeFranco! Where the hell did you find that guy? There was an energy about him. I finished reading the interview last night at 11:30pm and I felt like running off to the gym!
Great job.

Agreed-loved the Defranco interview. Definately want to hear more from him.

BigTom and others, glad you liked the DeFranco interview! I didn’t “find” him though, he found us.

I got an e-mail from him asking me if I wanted to review his video on Combine prep for my “Stuff We Like” column. I watched the video, clicked around his site (noticed he was wearing a Westside T-shirt in one pic and a HOT-ROX T-shirt in another) and decided to check him out. Hopefully he’ll be able to do a few articles for us, but as I said in the interview, he’s one busy guy.

And of course his articles have to be good. Not all great strength coaches can write good articles that would appeal to the T-Nation audience, but this guy probably can from what I can tell.

BTW, he’s given us five of his videos for the T-Jack Reports, so if you liked the interview and his video would be useful to you, be sure to sign up to get one for free when I call for reviewers.

Also, great to see that the “Mars” article spawned some healthy debate. The author posts as “sweaterfish” and has responded in another thread to the criticisms.

Great articles this week, I enjoyed the 6 page ad, although I don’t know why you made fun of making animal shapes with your fat, this is succesful part of my daily regime.

Nice article with Joe DeFranco…
I’d like to see some workouts from him.

Agreed …I’ve been training with Defranco ( JOE D) for a couple years now. This guy is the real deal, i’m glad you guys have joined up…hope to see more from him

loved the defranco interview …I know this animal personally and have trained with him for years, he’s the REAL DEAL…can’t wait to hear more from him

Yeah the Defranco article was very good! Can’t wait to see some more artciles from …his dad seems like quite the story also.