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This week’s knowledge bombs:

Merry Christmas, Bob
by Chris Shugart

December Diet Strategies
by Lonnie Lowery

Out of Kilter IV: Stop Shoulder Pain Cold!
by Ian King

Rhode Island Recap, Part II
by Eric Cressey

News and Reader Mail

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We should all print out Lonnie Lowery’s article this week and stack it around the workplace. Great common sense way to handle holiday eating. Another great article from Lowery!

We should also point out that morpheous, who I’ll assume is named after the matrix character that is cool, is in no way himself cool. In other words I think he sucks.

Yep good one by LL. Projected it on our Hannukah feast (8 days) here with all the Hanukkah donuts (500 kcals each) - basically same problem. Just got one this morning on my desk at work, so instead of throwing it into the empty trash bin, I stepped on it (to eliminate the chance of eating it), and its jam splashed on my pants…