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T-Nation: United We Stand

hey bobu (sorry, i had forgotten your handle last time), i had a physical therapist (severe tendinitis in hands/wrists from computer work) recently tell me the valencia st. gym’s head guy was an olympic coach (or is it he’s coached olympic-style lifting). the p.t. was a former bodybuilder (female).
either way, i hear that’s a good place to go if you’re serious about learning to lift properly.

why get stronger first? lord knows i ain’t :slight_smile:
btw, i’m female, so i’m actually a t-vix rather than a t-man.
what time of day do you work out? do you work on potrero hill and that’s why you use the gym there?
maybe if us t-folks met, i’d get a fahr (that’s fire for some of you who ain’t been to texas befo’) lit under my behind and git back in the gym.
maybe we should start a bay area thread for the few of us here. it’s work scrolling thru this long post looking for my peeps. in fact, i’ll do that…