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T-Nation: United We Stand

I’m in NYC. How bout we all get together in our respective cities and take over a local gym. We get about 50 guys to walk into Bally’s and we’d run shop. How cool would that be? Or maybe the T-mag staff could use some wall-street type savvy and buy out a small place in each city, so we’d have our own Westside-like gym. No curling in the squat racks, no 13 year old kids taking your time on the bench while only using an empty bar, no smith machines, olymipic lifting platforms with bumber plates, no more bad music, no more listening to bad advice!!! If everybody at the gym was a T-man, or woman, all advice would be good advice, it would be extremely educational and motivational. I’m getting chills, but for now I’m gonna head to my fitness club and do some squats whilest the uninformed look on with confsuion in their eyes.