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T-Nation: United We Stand

Hey Stranger! Your new set up sounds great! About 10 years ago I had a similar deal going - a true jockstrap gym, no pretty pink matching leotards and headbands, no belters curling in squat racks, just a handful of dudes jerkin’ iron, sweatin’ and gruntin’. Unfortunately, I’ve got more matching leotards and belters than I can stand at my place. Colfax & Simms is all of 7 minutes (if that) from me right now (work at the Fed Center). Perhaps a lunchtime tour someday?

As for the purpose and practice of the T-Clans/Chapters/Packs/Whatever, we may need some guidance from the powers that be (um, Chris… that’d be you, TC and Tim) what level of seriousness was foreseen with this concept. Would it be a cool, fun way to increase readership (& BioTest sales?) and make pals… or would it be to become a legitimate, formidable presence in our communities by marketing to and educating the populace as well as to form a “real life” support network (the web is great but lacks the physicality of someone calling your lazy ass at 4:20am asking why you aren’t at the gym yet) of like minded individuals? Assuming it’s the latter, I have to agree with G-dawg and Yorik. Granted, G-dawg’s suggestions would increase the IT dept’s work, but it would be rather necessary for the purpose. And Yorik’s point of formulating a process by which to ensure the “purity” of the group is equally valid. We’d certainly be inclusive rather than exclusive, but there’d need to be some structure for participation.