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T-Nation: United We Stand

Count me in - It looks like I’m the only cat from South Dakota, Sioux Falls to be exact. I’ve referred dozens & dozens of people to T-mag over the last few years, for various reasons, and think this is an excellent idea with tons of possibilities. The next step is to decide how we want to allocate the groups on a regional/local basis, then take it from there in regards to ‘officers’ or ‘leadership’ etc. This will not only benefit us and T-mag individually, but also society as a whole, as we all know that MOST schools, teams and individuals lack the insight into health and fitness that we discuss on a daily basis, so accordingly the benefits to them are tremendous, and even greater than they are for us. It looks like we’re all in agreement, so let’s go to the next step - regional (how many, what parameteters etc) local groups, with a point of contact for each to at least begin the process, as it will be a large undertaking, but well worth it…thoughts anyone?