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T-Nation: United We Stand

It’s great to see that so many people are interested in a T-Man organization. I see at least one possible problem: Very few people really understand what it is to be a T-Man. It’s been pointed out many times by Chris and Tim that being a T-Man is a lot about honor, not about max bench press, tattoos and spousal abuse. There are a lot of shit heads out there who will glam onto a “T-Man Club” because they think its macho. How do you keep the trash out? I think nephorm is right; there needs to be an entrance exam if it becomes a formal club. If it’s just an informal gathering, that’s something else entirely.

The reason I mention this is that right now I’m on the Board of Directors of a theater group that is having severe problems with some member trash. (Before you start laughing, the T-men in this group all sling hammers, circular saws, sand bags, lighting instruments and 12 gauge electrical cable behind the scenes. Get over it.) The trash are leading a revolt to take over the organization, and are humiliating the organization in the process. There’s apparently no way to stop them. Would we want trash insulting T-Men everywhere? Think about it. Chris, if you’re going to put the good name of T-Mag on the line, you really need to know the people who will represent you!

Sorry for sounding negative. I do love the idea, though.