T Nation

T-Nation: United We Stand

Ok, its evident eveybody (myself included) thinks this is a great idea, however, starting threads on ‘who lives where’ seems a really painful way to go about it! … so how about:

  1. When you sign up to T-Nation on this site you already enter location details, which I assume are then held in a database. This could be expanded down to the next level to include Cities which would give much greater distribution data on member locations (and please remember to cater for us International members!!)

  2. This information could then be used to form the basis of a ‘Member Search’ facility where T-Men/T-Vixens who are logged into the The T-Nation website could search for other members in their region.

  3. If and when things get to that stage, we could look at how best to structure the communication for each cell/group eg email/forums etc …

Just my 2 cents …