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T-Nation: United We Stand

There’s no telling where this will lead or what we could do with it, but recruitment isn’t really our goal. It’s more about getting like-minded people together. Of course, I could see a small group in say, Abilene, TX, write us and say, “Hey guys, a big powerlifting meet is coming to town, how about you send us some Grow! bars and magazines and we pass them out there?” That would be cool, sort of a T-mag street team like bands have, but just keep in mind that recruitment is not a main goal. Each group will grow regardless as more and more discover T-mag and then learn of the cells of T-men and T-Vixens in each city. I don’t want to influence the direction of discussions here, but I wanted to make that point. This is more about how we can help you, not about how you can help us.