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T-Nation: United We Stand

I’m already T-Pack (I like the image of a “pack” better) leader of Hiroshima, if not all of Japan! None of this piddly “cell” shit for me, no sir. Char-dawg takes a country for his own! Bwa ha hah haaaa!

(Oh and just in case anyone thinks I’m kidding, I refer you back a couple of issues to a letter that came in from a Mark Tankosich -from Hiroshima! Yes, I recruited him to the cause…)

Seriously, I DO think that something like this would be good. And I like the way you outlined it in the post, Chris. Giving T-people a political voice is a logical (and, may I say, long overdue) next step. I’m in!

And if you want a further suggestion, one that has already had a thread or two devoted to it, you could try getting Biotest to sponsor T-Gyms. No reason not to make a little profit off this coming together, now is there?