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T-Nation Undergrads (and Grads)


I know a'plenty of you are enjoying a post-secondary education. Where are you going, how do you like it? Major?


On the other hand, what's your Alma Mater?

I'll be a sophmore at Loyola College (MD). It's a wonderful, beautiful place. I am a Theology major with a minor in English Literature.

Just curious.


Well, since you're curious:

Alma Mater: Penn State University '05

Degree: Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology with a Biomechanics focus

Minors in Nutrition and Business Management

My brain is currently tired of school, but I'm open to post-grad stuff in the future


West Virginia University soon to be sophomore. Major is Sport and Exercise Psychology.


should be self explanatory for me


junior geography major. i'm a sped, thank you very much. as for my school...

V" for Villanova, "V" for Victory
"B" for Blue and "W" for White
For the Blue and the White we will fight!



Northwestern Oklahoma State Alum

Biology Major, Chemistry and Agriculture Minors


School: Univeristy of New Brunswick

Major: Double major Sociology/Law in Society

Heading to Law school shortly.

3rd year of undergrad


Alum - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Exercise science

Current - Ball State, biomechanics MS program


University of Marland College Park
Communication Major
Will be a Junior Fall '06


haha vanillanova.

I bet you've never heard that before.


Yes. I'm afraid it's true


Don't worry dude, Loyola is approximately 108% white.


I'm currently attending The University of Texas at San Antonio. In Spring 07', if all goes well, I'll have my BBA in Finance.


Brown '09, Econ/Math major


I'm gonna be a junior at Villanova. Sociology Major.


Now: Ph.D. in Applied Math at UC-Berkeley

Alma-mater: MIT'04. Math and Physics. Go Beavers!


University of Oregon dropout. University of Washington dropout.
Peace bitches!


Alma Mater: Penn State University '05

Degree: BS in Mechanical Engineering


United States Naval Academy

Naval Architecture

Will be starting my MBA next year, not sure where yet or Masters in Leadership from the Naval War College


Old Dominion University

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Minor: Engineering Management

I graduate this August!!