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Alright guys.

It’s about time we started our own thread around here.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss everything and nothing but perhaps more importantly any events you want to organize within the UK.

I’ll start;

T-Nation UK Fest 2008

A few days (weekend) where we celebrate our superiority.

I suggest; Liverpool 23rd till 25th of May.

Ideas? Complaints?

Let’s hear them.

PS. On a side (and unrelated) note, I’ve got tickets to see DEEP PURPLE in July. Absolutely and totally chuffed.

Why Liverpool; I’d rather somewhere where my car won’t be burnt out!

Nice idea though; I have no idea how many from the UK there are on this site but I’m always up for a good time and some sharing of knowledge.

I’m already part of the Supertraining practice group (named after the late Mel Siff); we meet every couple of months, sometimes for discussion, sometimes for practical training sessions, and sometimes making a nuisance of our selves at lectures usually on something like “core training”.

Anyway nice idea; I’d be interested to see how this evolves.


Liverpool because it’s 2008’s Culture Capital.

Also, there are loads of gorgeous women, great clubs and I’ve yet to hear a bad thing about it :slight_smile:

Liverpool has definately improved over the years. No longer is it full of hard faced women with a voice that would make you cut your own balls off.

but you can still find them if your into that kind of thing

Good to see a thread for us brits, where is everyone hailing from?

Nottingham used to have a high ratio of women to men; I’m not sure if that still holds true.

Not that any of that matters to me; my missus keeps my balls in a jar:)


BTW -I’m from Sunny South (Sarf) London

To some people this will look like a thread bump since I’m not saying anything important, but would like to see more of the UK T-Nation render an opinion on a possible meet up…

[quote]PS. On a side (and unrelated) note, I’ve got tickets to see DEEP PURPLE in July. Absolutely and totally chuffed.

Lucky Bastard! LOL

There are a few of us brits.
Wasn’t there a member mab thingy that was started once (or am I completey of my chump?)

There is a map floating about, somewhere.

I mentioned before, end of May is a no go for me, kind of short notice.

What about summer time - July/August? I’m down in London, but don’t mind travelling up to wherever we decide on.

Did I kill this thread?