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T-Nation Trolls Hall Of Fame


Having been reading T-Nation for a while, we all encounter a number of trolls in the forums.

I would like to construct the trolls hall of fame, and feel free to add your favorite troll to the list:

Strongest Troll: Muscleteen (1350lbs Leg Press for 21 reps)

Funniest Troll: Lightpower and his freestyle rapping

Master Debater Troll: XcelticX


Ahh yes...the guy with no shoulders...good times...


You can't forget about the super motivated/bad form troll...DieselWeasel



Al Shades...

He convinced himself he won't die if he doesn't accept death.


Does that mean that if I don't accept that fat and carbs together make me fat, that I can safely gorge on Blue Bell cookies n' cream all day?

I swear some of the most interesting parts of this site are the trolls.

And I nominate Babalu "I live by one rule : NO asian chicks", our favorite fool in the sex and the male animal forum.


I know lots of guys that don't ride the Orient Express, and lots of guys that go gaga for it.


Yea, I kinda miss that guy.

"My intellectual superiority is unmatched anywhere in this universe!"........... "My arguments are infallable!".........."Bow down and lick my feet you weak minded forumites!"

He was the good stuff.


I loved XcelticX.

I mean, he was just the most unbeleivable person Ive ever read. I dont really follow trolls, but his sheer level of stupidity, arrogance and insecurity was astonishing.

Truly a mental-case Carl Gustave Jung would have loved to study.



The memories...


When Jim Wendler singles you out, as he did to old Diesel, you know you are truly a hall of famer.


[center]BEST OF LIGHTPOWER[/center]


I remember there was a post once that thought I was actually TC in disguise trying to fool all of you...


No troll beats bulking machine:



Don't worry. We still don't believe you're real.


Mark Lonnie Jr - the card dealing, D-Bol taking, rag dolling, weed smoking 160lbs piss ant who literally got kicked off the forums for promising to hunt down and kill other forum members.

GriffinC - The reason why cousins shouldn't marry.

Trolls in training:

Oogie (also known as Carrotman) - Fucking nut job. Kill yourself.

Kim Jong Ill - Has potential to be piss annoying, but isn't at official troll status yet.

Francis Bullion - I'm not convinced that this isn't the same guy who posts under Kim Jong Ill. Anyway, both are dickheads and obsessed with bumming each other. Actually, the way they hate the Prof, I'm not convinced they aren't Oogie under a different name.


Yo Massif, I literally laughed out loud reading your comments on Mark Lonnie Jr. I mean, there really was some guy promising to "hunt down and kill" other forum members???!!!


Thats just so great...



I too, often wonder how many screen names some of these guys post under. I know on some of the other boards a number of folks have been popped for doing this and banned. But I don't think the moderators here have the time to track these guys down and expose them (sure would be entertaining though).


Actually they would have known by now if we were the same person due to the ip address.


The Mods can probably comment on this...

But I bet the worst and most insidious trolls are the ones that don't make make it by the Mods.

These are the ones whom had made it almost their "Life Mission" to hate "The Nation".

(Al was a pretty interesting guy, though!)



Quote from


'ladies and gentlemen, you cannot ignore the fact that there does appear to be some serious bum-sex going on here.

I mean, honestly, some of you pathetic guys are like lawyers, pretending to debate when you do, in fact, actually anally abuse each other; and, of course, there is always a head 'judge', if you will, that you insist on giving head to 24/7 (in this case Prof X.) Now i'm not really a fan of rim-jobs so can we please cut the shit and actually talk about decent stuff that doesn't involve everyone in a gay gang-bang. And to the guy that started this thread: clearly you have some form of attention seeking disorder, so maybe you should consult a doctor before posting seemingly random chuffle-nuts on this website.'

Kim Jung Il:

'You started this thread so what did you expect? All of the 'i'll bum you if you bum me in the next thread' crowd to start vigorously anally raping you? Well guess what..... ah fag it, i can see your too busy getting bummed.'