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T-Nation Tough Guys


Alright, we hear how many people on this board are great wrestler's,shoot fighters,boxers,martial artists,ninja's and just all around tough guys and badasses.It might be all internet tough guy talk but 2 questions.

1.Who would u least like to fight here on the forums? Someone who u think would just destroy u with a look and u think ,man i would hate to fuck with him.

2.Who would u like to fight here on the forums? The type of person who just gets under your skin and u want to fuck him up.




Prof X... only because not only would he beat me, but after that he'd ingest me.

Mr. Push ups.


If you let people get you that angry over the internet, its not a good thing.


Just curious, do ninjas still exist? I thought they kind of died out with pirates, samurai, knights and gladiators. If anybody in here would actually describe themselves as a ninja, I'd like to know.


1-(wouldn't want to fight) jackass & headhunter, not unless I had a bat

2- all you trolls( vroom, harris, jehovasfitness, jack strummer

I'd also like to fight every troll that insults some 17 year old kid with a pic that's asking for help

buncha internet tough guys in here with no mat experience, no ring experience and no build....ie vroom

  1. Dave Tate

  2. Everyone else...but mostly every person that has ever asked "What kind of protein powder/PWO drink should I buy?".


Although Mr. Pushups pisses me off every time I hear the bullshit streaming from him. So that might be the only one I find really irritating


I don't generally get angry enough or hold a grudge enough to care. However, according to my PM's one Mr Push Up Bra really has a hankering for me.

Apparently, according to his assessment I obviously don't work out or have a job. Ahahahahaha. What a clown. A regular Internet tough guy!

  1. Pass
  2. Everybody.


I fear oogie.


Well Vroom you and I are in the same boat. Mr. Pushups wants to fight me in the streets of Atlantic City.


1: chuck norris and diesal weasil
2: everyone lol


I don't like to fight but Alwyn Cosgrove would really be someone who would suck to fight I bet, I'm surprised no one's mentioned him.


Yeah, vroom is such a troll. The only people he has help is everybody that has singed up and bothered to read the "New to T-Nation?" beginner's thread.

And T-Nation agrees with you. That's why they used his thread as the T-Nation starting point.

Mr. Pushups. Please go to the trolls tread and expand you knowledge beyond what you came here with.


Thats perfect. If I'm irritating you, I'm doing what I intended to do. Maybe once you trolls get irritated enough, you will stop posting indults to the newbies and people asking for help. What comes around goes around fellas. these people may not be stroong enough to stand up for themselves. But thats why God put people like me here. I take out the bullies. Leave the nice people alone. I'm the trolls worst nightmare. I like to bust the balls of someone busting someone elses balls for no reason. You guys can sure dish it out, but you can't take it.

Get in the ring!


If Hitler bought you a Rolls Royce, would you consider him a helpful person? That mother fucker insults people everyday. I don't care how many helpful threads he makes. He makes one ignorant comment after another to these newbies.


Hmm. A bunch of people on the computer talking about other people on a computer who they would be afraid of to fight and who they would like to fight.

Since there is really no way to validate this statement, I could kick all your asses, provided I was channeling the spirit of Chuck Norris, had the skills of Bruce Lee, and was mega tough, like umm. John Rambo!

Otherwise I am greatly afraid of everyone and will meekly hide in my corner.


I can't believe this clueless assmunch has the nerve to go around and call everyone else a troll or an Internet tough guy.

Read your own posts twiggy.


Pushups, among other things, you are simply a liar. Now, if you can, pick a story and stick with it.

First the rule was help, lift or shut up! Now that you see you were mistaken, you want to change the rules?

Man up twiggy, that's not the way it's done.


Wow, you used Hitler. How cheap is that. How disrespectful is that.

And if you did go read the trolls tread. You would have seen Common Pitfalls: Die, Straw Man, Die!