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T-Nation Throughout Time


In today's installment of T-Nation Throughout Time, I explored posts ranging from January 2002 to January 2003. During this year I made quite a few startling and exciting discoveries!

Our ancestors, these ancient relics of time forgot, were just like us! Here's a quick run down of thread topics:

-T-Nation Anthems
- It seems the ancient T-Nationites were debating what the nations anthem was to be. Apparently this was to be performed around a large bonfire...unfortunately a member to remain anonymous' recommended "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond and was forced to read Atomic Dog papyrus writings until his balls dropped.

-Poetry (I'm going to get flamed for this)
- I thought this one was relevant because everytime poetry gets brought up in modern times the "I'm going to get flamed" part is always thrown in there

-How to give a girl a compliment
- Could very well have been posted by Kilosprinters great-great-great-e-grandfather! Whilst studying this particular wood carving I noticed a similarity, an parallel of our modern society. The majority of ancient T-Nationites, while their numbers are by far dwarfed by our own, pretended to know much of the opposite sex, but on the contrary were just as blatantly clue-less as we are now. We just hide it better.

-The Bad Boy Experiment
-This could've been the spark the led to the PUA revolution! Once I deciphered the heiroglyphs and stone carvings I discovered that the ancient t-men also had no clue as to what women really wanted. A colleague of mine brought up a good point that the ancient t-vixens didn't know what they wanted either...this is a subject I would like to study further and juxtapose the two eras in T-Nation society.

-NFL Player dies
-Could this have been posted by Nostradamus himself? A prophecy for us to discover only a few days too late?

-What does everyone do for a job?
-According to scripture MonkeyBoyEric worked in "finance" ... a profession still popular amongst the t-nationites of today.

-X2: Newest Rockin Trailer
-Vadar had a grandmother. She was also had a fondness for comic books turned into live actions movies. I believe they called them "plays" back then as this was before the invention of film.

-Have you read these books?
-Apparently our classics were on the "best seller" lists at one point. They had very similar tastes in literature as we do. There was many mentions of Ayn Rand, Marx, and Larry Flynt.

In conclusion, it was a very enlightening expedition into the annals of our past. Our ancestors (some of whom are still around providing us with wisdom we can only dream to realize in our own lifetimes ... it's ok I won't tell who you are) were a lot like us in their day. It does, paint an interesting picture in the exponential increase in t-members, and, as such, an interesting increase in trollage and douchebaggery. However the ratio has only slightly increased.

This has been an installment of T-Nation Throughout Time, with your host, Polo.

Until next time, keep your eyes in the clouds and stop signs in the ground. Go fuck yourself, San Diego




Good post but...Yikes!! What do you have against San Diego?!?!


Fuck You.


It's an Anchorman reference.


That explains it. I only know quotes from Napoleon Dynamite.


that could make for an awkward date. pretty much 80% of my material comes from movie quotes


Yea. Classics like "Deliverance" and "Next of Kin."


It would probably be fun...I would think you were being all witty and shit and would never know that you were ripping off Ron Burgundy!!


So, if I ask you Do the chickens have large talons? Will I be getting laid on the first date?


"Witty and shit"? LOL!!


Only if you say you dig my side ponytail and gimp, then I will consider it.


grabs popcorn


Jeebus...how long did it take to look through all that?


Well, all the time I spent in post-grad school studying ancient calligraphy and heiroglyphs. Years and years of research and studying the ancient American art of muff-diving. Not to mention organizing my collection of porn and sifting through troll posts to find the ones that closely resembled modern day posts and replies...

about 2 hours