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T-Nation: The Movie


yay its bored/mental masturbation time:

If there were to be a T-Nation movie, who do you think would play TC? Or C-Dubya, or Shugs, or CT, Or Doc Lowery?

(for the sake of ego's, your actor choice is allowed 6months of prep and ample "help" to prepare for the part)

I'll state the obvious one-

CT= Vin diesel

But with glasses and after memorizing "gray's anatomy".


TC: Rowan Atkinson


a bunch of really skinny actors:)

actually, id get Christian Bale to play them all. except Shugart, he'd be played by Natalie Portman:)


I say all of em from PREDATOR and let em fight over who gets to be Arnold------do it,,do it now... Or maybe the ladies from the bengals, damn,I'm still in love.


TC - the Rock.

(send that Grow! to my home address Ok)


Rowdy Roddy Piper would have to play Dan John.


I'll play Beradi! Foopa can be TC's Dog.


That's a very good one!

For TC we could use Dolf Lundgren,
For JB I'd see Mark Whalberg
For Shugs the guy who plays Cyclops in X-men


For CW I see Mickey Rourke


Cheny Could play Staley :-p


Who's Cheny?

Man, I must be out of the loop...


CW stars in Nine and a Half Weeks - that would be scary!!


Charles - Please tell me that is a yellow Hulk-a-mania singlet you have on in your avatar.


Spelling error, I meant Cheney.

I'm just poking fun


Don't forget Jessica Biel as the receptionist at Biotest HQ.

And a cameo by WeeMan as Bill Phillips.


xen nova as portrayed by Flava Flav


People tell me I look like Sergio Garcia all the time in spite of the fact that I have absolutely no Spanish in me. Too bad he weighs about a buck-twenty, but it's still got to be good for something, right?


TC - Don Johnson
TP - Lorenzo Lamas
CT - Vin Diesel of course
CS - Cheech Marin
CW - The Big Boss Man
JB - Butterbean

V - Bruce Willis duh!


Lowery = Rick Moranis


Dude, the Bossman's been dead for a year or two.

For some reason, I can see Corey Feldman as Dr. Berardi.

I think we'd have to go with Jean Claude Van Damme for Coach Staley, and a much-hypertrophied Patrick Stewart as Doc Lowery.