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T-Nation That Have Made a Difference

Theres so many good articles on T-Nation that i always end up coming across these great articles by chance.

What are the best articles on T Nation (or any other website) that you have read? If possible add the links!

Il start and would say the Tabata method has helped me change my routine and give me some more alternatives for conditioning:

Also Jeremy Frisch article on training the core really made me look at core training in a totally different light:

Also from a prehab point of view, any Eric Cressey article always educates me and shoulder savers is well worth reading from an education point of view!

And finally, cant find the link cos cant remember the exact title but i remember reaing a John Berardi article on different types of protein, carbs and fats there are, great article. think it was voted the best nutrition article on T-Nation!

So my question is what are your fave articles from a strength sports, conditioning, prehab or rehab and nutrition, eager to learn some more and have some new articles cross my path to keep on learning!!!

Essential Waterbury: Program Design

The Training Strategy Handbook

The Truth About Bulking

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Hips Don’t Lie: Fixing Your Force Couples

Muscles For Athletes, Part 1

Muscles For Athletes, Part 2

Everything Is About to Change - Chad Waterbury

Nutrition For Newbies

The Best Reps
Christian Thibedaue

7 Coaches Give Their Number 1 Tip

How to Design a Damn Good Program, Part 1
by Christian Thibaudeau

How to Design a Damn Good Program, Part 2

Masterin the Deadlift-covers everything you need to know about the deadlift

The Painful Seven: The Best Hamstring Exercises

Non-Sexy Training and Nutrition
by Alwyn Cosgrove and Mike Roussell

Leg Training Myths Exposed

Nutrition for Newbs

It makes my day when I see a new article on the homepage, no matter what it is about. My whole training/nutritional choices come from T-Nation now.

Ya im the same, im doing physical therapy degree in the UK and the info on this stuff has really brought me on as a rehabilitation therapist! The likes of Mike Boyle and Eric Cressey have thought me and given me so much new thoughts with regards bringing some new rehab to my patients! Also my own personal coaching for teams, im doing a strengthening and conditioning certificate n march and nearly just study reading this website alone!

[quote]tykraus7 wrote:
It makes my day when I see a new article on the homepage, no matter what it is about. My whole training/nutritional choices come from T-Nation now. [/quote]

Me too.

I made a topic like this a couple of weeks back, unfortunately it died. Oh well, here are a few of mine:

Merry Christmas Bob:

Berardi’s Top 10 Tips:

Vision Quest: