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T-Nation: Thanks for New Forums


Thank you.

Makes much more sense and long overdue.

This site is responsive to its patrons. Kudos to the management and the IT dudes (and dudettes).


You bet!

And since you brought it up, here is an overview of what was done.

Bodybuilding is now a general category with several bodybuilding-specific sub-categories beneath it:

Bodybuilding Training
Christian Thibaudeau (HTH)
Over 35
Supplements and Nutrition
Rate My Physique
Training Logs

Likewise, we have added a few other categories under the new Other Strength Sports category:

Powerlifting (formerly Strength Sports)
Olympic Lifting
Powerful Women
Performance Photos
Training Logs

Further, have a look here for the new forum hierarchy:


Basically, we've made things a little more specific and have given you more places to find the information you are looking for.


My only complaint is that the additional forums make it more difficult for me to navigate while on my iPhone. The drop down menus disappears after a second, frequently before I can navigate to PW or wherever I'm trying to go. I get routed to the forum overview page, which is fine, whatever, but results in an extra click, which is annoying on the phone.

Anyway. I still miss the sidebar. :slight_smile:


I'm all like whoa.


What's HTH stand for? Good job though, really liking it.


So the bodybuilding forum gets eradicated and instead of the needed gen. fitness forum, we get even more chances for there to be zero discussion of actual bodybuilding and everything involved in it?


Damn Prof X, I didn't notice the bodybuilding forum was gone until you pointed it out.


You've still got the T-Cell for serious discussions, right?


Looks like the "Conditioning" forum under "Other Strength Sports" could be general fitness.

I still see a Bodybuilding header on the main forums page.


Adding the "Bodybuilding" to the training is HUGE! Thanks guys


I second this.


Actually, the Bodybuilding Forum has been expanded.


How so? Based on the categories you listed, it looks as if, initially, all you did was change 'Bodybuilding' to 'Training' and added '(HTH)' to CT's forum.

It looks like the Strength Sports forum got the sweet breakdown (which is pretty awesome, by the way).


It says BB Training now


...and we appreciate it...and yes, the NAME is important because otherwise, the forum gets filled with Daniel Craig threads or love notes to Brad Pitt.


All the retards will still post there


My first impulse was - cool, a conditioning forum, that'll finally be the much needed general fitness forum. I'm happy to give that one a try. Wrt to your comment, I gather 'Bodybuilding Training' should do the trick. Moronic posts will be abundant everywhere where there is no strict moderation - that's just the nature of the Internet.

Let's give this a go.



Uh... thanks... I guess.
It's not like it was bad before. You know... if it ain't broke, don't fix it?
But hey... what do I know. I'm still working with an ancient computer and software from the 90's.



while it's nice to have bodybuilding added back into the name, I fail to see how that will change any of the threads. It was called bodybuilding before and the aforementioned Daniel Craig threads still were posted.

People will post stupid things even if the forum was called "You're computer will acquire a virus if you post anything unrelated to bodybuilding in the bodybuilding forum".


What happened to Tech support?