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T-Nation T-Shirts


I just wanted to give T-Nation a heads up that I liked the last set of designs they had a lot better than the new "old" t-shirts. I was just getting ready to but one but then I saw the new designs, and I already have a "Testosterone" one.

Does one reader's opinion matter? I don't know, but I guess we can start a discussion now.


you sick fuck.


Doesn't matter all too big :frowning:



too small - XL is still tight in the shoulders, tight in the arms, and the arm length is too short.

makes me look like a LARGE person, but is still uncomfortable. I had to move up to XXL.


i think she was talking about her dick being too big


Ooooh -

thats right,

the Hallowed 'Tuck'

I forgot.

(I'd destroy that Tranny)


just make sure she shaves her balls first(they can be a bitch!)


XXL is still too small and i am not a big guy by any means. anytime i lift my elbows above my head my stomach sticks out. I had to switch to a different brand and now i am forced to wear a spandex shirt because EVERY SINGLE workout shirt i could find is not long enough. You think i like wearing a spandex shirt? well, ya it's ok, but for the sake of this post...no, no i do not.


Not to small too short.


yes yes, too short. definitely too short.


:slight_smile: No worries Jax, you been gone for a bit. Grew taller I guess.


Agreed with the short.


I will eventually get one of those Testosterone t-shirts but first I want to make sure I'm 'big enough.' Right now I'm hovering in at around 235-240lbs with the target weight for the t-shirt probably being 250lbs.