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I think it would be a really good idea to make a new T-shirt for testosterone but with the T-NATION.COM logo you know the one everyones been getting tattoos of!!

Maybe like a black t-shirt with the 'T' logo in red on the front or a big 'T' on the back, I dunno.

Someone get printing I want one....lol


They already make those, Shorty. They don't sell them though, just give them away for various things. Someone got one this week in Reader Mail.

Sometimes the exercise models wear them in the articles.


I want a black tank top... like the choppers one (in the west coast vixen diablo thread), but w/ the Red "T" logo... that would be sweet!!!


Attention Tim Patterson:

Please hire one of your boys to make Christina a sleeveless tribal logo shirt. She's dying to show it to all of T-Nation. Her size is XS, I think. Yeah, XS will do just fine. Thank you, Tim.


Hell, I'll settle for them making the damn T-shirts in a small! I've got a medium and it's a friggin' dress. Small (XS even better) Tee's, tank/halter tops, softball/baby Tee's - that'd all be nice. Thongs would be even better.


Beanies, long sleeve t's, sweatpants and or running pants, and hoody's


Thongs. Definitely thongs.