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T-Nation T-Shirt Size descriptions:

  1. Please do post them on the T-shirt product page.

As in:

M: suited for chest: ...
shoulder width: ...
shoulders (around): ...

L: suited for chest: ...
shoulder width: ...
shoulders (around): ...


  1. I'm 5'10", 156 right now, have a six-pack, very lean etc.
    chest 40" uninflated, 42" inflated,
    plan on adding at least 10 lbs by the end of winter (so I'll be 165-170 very soon)
    shoulder width: 21"
    shoulders (around): 52"

What size would fit me right now? What size at 170-180?

Thanks, Eisen (I tried the e-mail, but it didn't work)



Go with the small. You'll grow into it and the shirts shrink a bit.


The tailors working around the clock at T-Nation are well-known for their sartorial excellence, but will need more info before crafting your garment.

1.) Rhomboid Size - Inflated vs. Uninflated?
2.) Distance (in micrometers) from Xyphoid process to C4 vertebrae...
3.) Plaster mold of left and right clavicles...
4.) Cotton preference and thread count? (ie: Egyptian 140)
5.) Monogram for sleeve (limit 3 characters)




I tried to inflate my chest at the gas station to get a measurement, but I didn't have 75 cents. Had to drive home and back, then, I couldn't find the valve stem on my torso.

I'll NEVER know what size I need now!


If you are a paying customer, they'll just turn that shit on for free, if you ask them.

And come on man, you've got 2 valve stems on your torso. Think about it.


One time, OK, see, one time Randy Beaman's uncle accidentally inflated his torso with helium... and he flew away... he made it all the way to China before he deflated.

True story.

K, bye.


Sir you made me spill my coffee laughing!


They inflated my abs with CO2 for the hernia surgery.

It wasn't fun.


Fuck.....I didn't know it had to be a gas.

I've been using water.


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Just buy a large. If it is too big, grow.


Well, given that bit of relevant information, I'd go with XXXL.


You're probably a youth large. Wash it a few times and dry it... Should shrink up and fit you perfectly.



Don't let the kids know that real men have cases, not six-packs, and so we need bigger shirts.


Well, I tried those. All I got was a huge pair of hellacious ta-ta's.

So, of course, I played with those for awhile before they deflated.


FML i actually Lol'd.


You guys are so mean. the OP gets enough harassment at his job as a PT from the other pt's. Now he has to get it here too?


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