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T-Nation Symposium

Hey TC and the rest of the crew,

Have you ever thought of hosting a T-Nation Symposium? I was at the SWIS Symposium last week when I thought of how great it could be. The SWIS Symposium gets a ton of people and you guys can create so much more.
Imagine the line-up you can create. You can have a PHYSIQUE TRANSFORMATION section with guys like CT, Don Alessi and Charles Staley, just to name a few.

Then, you can have a STRENGTH section with presentors such as Dave Tate, Joe Defranco, Big CW and others.

And you can also have a NUTRITION/SUPPLEMENTATION section with Berardi, Lowery, etc.

This would be a great yearly event for the entire T-Nation to meet, learn, exchange ideas and throw back a couple of brews.

If enough people respond to this maybe TC and Mr. Patterson will take note and make this happen!!!