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T-Nation Swag


I guess this is kinda a plea/survey of the community for thoughts.

I remember TC discussed introducing new T-Nation gear and that sorta thing in his New Years Atomic Dog, if I remember correctly.

I like reppin T-Nation stuff, and the logo is pretty cool. I'm sure there could be some very cool stuff made specifically for the lifting sub-culture. Plus i like $10 t's.

So are we ever gonna see new stuff? I mean what's available is definitely never being restocked. The Spike shirt has been sold out for a good two years.

Anaconda is finally coming... i figured anything is possible now.


what's RED KAT?


I've been thinking about a big ass T-Nation logo on my shoulder or my back... That's all the swag I'd ever need.





lol at the above.

I'd guess RED KAT was either a fat burner or T booster.

I say bring on the new clothes as well.


Looks like you missed the epic tattoo thread...


it was before Alpha Male i believe, but it was tongkat ali and sclaremax

had an awesome logo though


I'd definitely buy some swag with my next order...


i'm all for it as long as they keep the testosterone and tribal shirts. those are sweet.


Take a leaf out of the Elite FTS, they've got masses of stuff! I got a nice Zip=up hoodie from their site.



I've got a couple EliteFTS things, the Strong(er) shirts are cool.

The T-Nation logo is badass though, and I think some very cools stuff could be done with it.


Wasn't aware so many people jock the logo or gear.

Free gear with an order over $100 is a great idea...


I've wanted a large testerone shirt for too long! I do remember all the k0ol changes talked about this year and it's over half over and I still don't have that large shirt or any new gear discussed.


This must have been an awesome last 3 months for you.


Can they make tanks or shirts for chicks too? I would definitely wear that to the gym.


I like the shirts that simply say Testosterone. I like simple things I guess. The tribal designs aren't my thing.

I always wanted a shirt that has a no curling in the squat rack picture on it. I forget who's avatar that was but I always thought it would make a good t-shirt.


this is the closest i can find.


That's not bad but the one I'm talking about is a picture of two racks from a side view. One has a guy squating one has a guy curling the one that has a guy curling says NO the one that has a guy squating says YES. it's pretty funny.


oh yeah, i know the one you mean, i just couldn't find it on a shirt. this was the best alternative i found.