T-Nation Supps Legal In NCAA?

This is a question I’ve been wondering quite a lot in the last few weeks.

I’ve been putting a lot of time into training/running for my college track team but I’m actually a bit fearful of using mainly Carbolin 19. I realize that all the protein supps and ZMA are fair game, but has anyone used Carbolin 19 in any NCAA sport, and passed a drug test?

I went through the ingredients of what NCAA is looking for, and the ingredients of Carbolin 19 weren’t on it, but if they approach a ban on it, would all previous althetes be also suspended?

You’ll be fine with all those supplements that you named. And no they are not going to ban anything that is in Carbolin 19. Just don’t touch anything hormonal or take too much ephedrine or other stimulants around times when they are testing.

Thanks for that.

I’m just afraid of pushing any limits. Afterall, a “steroid” bridge doesn’t exactly sound like I could play if off easily if asked about it.

Well looks like I’ll be ordering my $150+ next week then. Yay. :slight_smile: