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T-Nation Supplement Proving Ground?


Just want to get an idea of what kind of tests Biotest puts their supplements through before releasing them on the market?

Is there any human testing during the R&D phase? What influences the direction Biotest takes with supplement development (ie developing an anabolic bridge supplement instead of just sticking with Testosterone boosters or fat burners)? Thanks.


You bet we test things.

We provide samples to Cy Willson, and if he lives, we proceed to the next round.

So far, so good!

Nahh, kidding. In most instances, we hire Universities to do testing on products or various components of products.

As far as what's involved in the decision making process, it's often a case of us actively looking for a substance that provides a desired effect. Tim might simply say, "How can we build the best fat-burning product that's ever been made?", at which point he unleashes the research hounds (of which he is one).

Then, with luck and lots of perspiration and trial and error and tweaking and adjusting, a couple of chemical patents are filed and HOT-ROX is born.

Or, we might simply "stumble" on a chemical that has amazing properties that appeal to us. Then we go about trying to find which extraction or dosage is the most potent, and how it might best be delivered to the body.

Hope that helps.


Well, it's important to understand that more often than not, we're making improvements upon compounds which have already been studied rather extensively. In many cases, it's simply a matter of improving pharmacokinetic features (e.g., half-life, oral bioavailability).

In the cases where there are novel compounds, Tim will often contract out a research group to evaluate a given question/concern (e.g., safety, efficacy, etc.).

Often times, I wish Tim would "brag" a bit more about the steps taken for quality assurance and pilot studies evaluating efficacy of new derivatives of certain parent compounds, but he's too busy.

The logic behind supplement development is always long-term. For example, there are a great deal of anabolic steroids we could have come out with, but the new laws make it pretty pointless.

Also, there are often improvements being made to the current line of supplements.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the responses guys.



I don't want to "hijack" the thread but on a somehwat related idea - how do you guys decide who to interview for the site?

You've interviewed such a wide variety of people - all interesting - who makes the call and decides who is worth interviewing ?



Most of the time. it's me, but often Chris stumbles on somebody interesting and he just takes it upon himself to interview him. Tim will sometimes meet interesting people, too, and he'll pass the name on to me or Chris.

Ultimately, whether we interview someone just comes down to whether or not we think the person is interesting.


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Undergrad degree was in biotechnology, minor in chemistry. Just past the half way point in a professional (Pharm.D.) program.

Don't consider myself an expert. But I will say that up to 95% of my "knowledge" of supplements, wasn't derived from formal studies, but certainly the principles used when studying them was, almost exclusively.


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