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T-Nation Stickers


Someone posted a question not to long ago asking why Biotest does not include product samples or other free stuff with orders over a certain size. I think TC already adressed in one of the articles about how this does not really pay off for Biotest. I for one think T-shirts would be a good idea because they also work as advertising but that may not be profitable either.

How about this advertising idea though; just include a few stickers with orders. The loyal T-Nation members can then plaster them all over the walls in their gyms and increase you site traffic. Maybe a clear pastic sticker with the tribal "T" logo for rear windshields.

People will see T-Nation everywhere and wonder what it is. Then when they ask us about it we can tell them that the first rule of T-Nation is that you do not talk about T-Nation...er..forget that part.

You can PM me for my adress to send me my check.


I never thought I'd put a sticker on my car, but if we had T-Nation stickers, I'd put one of those mothers on my rear windshield.

What about those T-Nation hats?


What about T-Nation boxers? Some that say "Powered by Alpha Male" on the crotch would be kinda cool.

I also want some TC bed sheets and pillowcases.

Now that I think about it, someone brought this up in TC or Tim's thread. And for the most part what was said is most the people that already come to this site don't buy much if anything from the T-Nation store! So throwing in goodies to the guys who already buy the stuff isn't going to do much to bring some new customers Biotest's way. Just go look at the Supplement forum, count how many "Which whey powder is best?" and "my PWO drink" threads there are.


If that's a sticker I would stick it to my workout notebook's cover, just to give myself a T boost every time I review my workout.

Geek boy


How about those clear plastic ones that stick to the inside of your windshield without adhesive.


I wan't thinking in terms of free stuff as much cheap advertising for Biotest/T-Nation. I am not partial to bumper stickers but I would throw an obscure T logo next to my alma matar or stick some T-Nation stickers up in my gym's locker room.

Think of all those Andre the Giant stickers that you used to find everywhere. I don't even know what that was for but I remember it. That is grass roots. Stickers are relatively cheap to print too. Just a thought.


I'm liking the T Logo sticker idea. That would be sweet. Hell, I would prob even pay for one.


You already do...

Just peel it off your supplements.


Cool idea, I know they sent some out with the free samples of Spike a while back.

Which I have to say was the reason I ever bought anything from Biotest. I liked Spike and responded well, I subsequently bought more.


That's a good idea, I never would have thought of that.


Thats a sick idea.

I was hoping for the T-Nation T, though. On a clear sticker print. Maybe like 3.5x3.5 inches though to put on my car.


Yeah, stickers would be pretty sweet. Something similar to the desktop themes, or maybe that T-Nation chick from several years ago would be great on my back window. Like someone posted earlier, not many of the members actually spend $$ in the T store. Buy something you cheap bastards!