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T-Nation Soldier of the Week

Starting this Friday we’re going to give out an award to the best T-Forum user of the week. The award may be a Biotest supplement, a T-Nation shirt, or a book or video from one of our contributors. The award is based on the person’s helpfulness and overall positive contribution to the forum.

You may nominate a person to receive the award every week (start a thread on Thursday maybe) but T-Nation staff and mods will make the final decision. The first Soldier of the Week award goes out this Friday, the 16th!

Geez, Chris, what chance do the rest of us have with Tampa-Terry around? This contest is blatantly unfair. :-PPPPP

Enjoy all your goodies T-T.

I give a salute to the the entire t-mag staff of “soldiers”. CT, Chad, TC etc.

I know that this is a for profit enterprise for them but if you figured it out by the hour, they would probably be better off working for Nike in some sweatshop in SE Asia.


WTF Chris, is the free shit ever gonna stop??? :wink:

once again…



Has anyone else noticed that getting the free stiff has gotten more difficult each time? First there was the Hot-Rox give-away - all you had to do was respond to the thread by writing “light up my ass” or some thing similar. Next, you had to go look at the Superstore and answer some questions about the products. Still not too bad, but you actually had to answer some questions correctly.

Now, you need to be a worthy contributor. I suspect a conspiracy. Eventually, T-mag will fire all of its regular writers and get articles simply by giving away free stuff.

“A free T-shirt to whoever writes the best article on how athletes with predominantly Type I muscle fibers can increase their strength and power to equal that of a Type II-dominant athlete. Discuss”

Well, this sure gives me a kick in the ass. Thanks!

great idea. it’s a great incentive for other t-maggers to research and find out more about what they can contribute to others.

So “use the damn search engine you f’ing newbie!” won’t work anymore huh?

Good idea!

I nominate Kellen Winslow of the Miami Hurricanes. “I’m a fuckin soldier!”


you guys getting pretty frequent with the give aways. But, like I say to all of the rest awsome. Oh yeah and this first one should go to TT for sure then after that there are a lot that come in pretty close: phil, thunder, patricia, warhorse, and few of the dawgs; ah many more but, like I said TT gets hers then the rest of can get it in turn.
Rock on keep the free bees coming.

It’s got to be TT

We’ll try to pick a new person every week, though obviously deserving folks like TT may end up winning more than once.

And remember it goes week by week. TT may (gasp!) slack off a week!

There will be different prizes every week, BTW.

Chris, since I’ve already won an award, I’d like for my name to be taken off the list. There are lots of solid contributors on the board, and it’s time that the spotlight be turned on others.

MD and Andersons always have a kind and encouraging and helpful word. Creed puts up some darn good posts. Srub is a scary smart guy in a medical kinda way. Char-Dawg & ZEB are always putting up rock-solid advice on training. Then there’s Dan “Something in the Middle” McVicker and Phill and Eric Cressy who’s always trying to help patch people up. SRS is posting again after a long hiatus; I could just at his feet and soak up everything he cares to expound upon. And just for the entertainment factor, Cupcake HAS to win at least ONE award. And that’s just in the T&N Forum. How 'bout the other forums?

And darn it, as soon as I post this, I’m going to give myself a swift kick in the pants for forgetting the names of others who consistently make T-Mag the incredible resource it is.


Yep, you should be kicking your own ass right at this very moment.

Thunder is an extremely valuable asset to these forums. As a matter of fact, the only reason that I continue to visit this page is to prowl around for his responses. The knowledge that he imparts is accurate and cutting-edge, if not always “conventional” like some other peeps hanging around here. And although he calls others on their inaccuracies, he is always able to produce viable resources to support his own ideas.

'nuf said.

Whoa … LOL

Easy now, but thank you very much.

As an brief addendum, I was going to actually stop posting entirely, but posts like that do make me want to continue offering my opinion, even if it isn’t well received by some. Thanks again.

T-T, as usual your humility is overwhelming. I think you should get an award for that. :wink:

I think Patricia should get the award for most inspirational woman. She shows us what is possible for us to accomplish - without resorting to steroids.