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T Nation Social Media: Wanna Play?


T Nation would like to start featuring some of our members on our social media sites.

Gotta cool pic or video of you setting a PR while wearing a T Nation shirt? Maybe a photo of you with your Plazma or Surge at the gym? Drinking a Spike on top of a mountain? Eating a Finibar before your competition?

Reply here with a good quality photo or video. (Use the "Advanced" reply button to attach a pic.)

Then, look for your photos on:





We'll choose the best photo or video of the week and reward the T Nation member with $100 of Biotest supplements.

Winners will be posted here on these dates:

Monday 9/23
Monday 9/30
Monday 10/7
Monday 10/14


I'd love to join it but I don't even have a T shirt. :frowning:


Dammit, I should have bought a Tshirt ages ago... And a phone with a good camera...
Will have to resort to Nalgene bottle and random person with a better phone.

It's on!


Problem solved: http://www.t-nation.com/store/categories/34-clothing

(Don't forget to wear pants too. We've heard stories...)

The T-shirt isn't mandatory for the contest though.


The T-shirt isn't a must. A cool image with a supplement will work too.


I am pretty sure if you take a pic or video with the products, like it says in the post, that will also be considered. It doesn't have to be with their T shirt.

LOL....for some reason the other two posts by Chris didn't show up when I typed my above response.


T-Nation shirt with a big PR....State Title at the WABDL State/National Powerlifting Competition


Note: If you happen to be Dave Tate, you are not eligible. Sorry. Although standing perfectly still and being Dave Tate does count as doing something awesome.


What about the now out-of-print "Biotest High Performance Edge" shirt for that #ThrowBackStyle ?? Provided I can fit into it still... I might have to Mighty-Stu it and cut the sleeves off...


First Place at the Peak Power Challenge Qualifier for provincials in Calgary, AB.
Not the action shot you might be going for but its what I have on hand.


The CPU fed was kinda cheap with their medals. They all looked the same....bronze. But for coming in first they also gave me a Titan gym bag... yay.


Sure, but remember it's not all about the shirts. Supplement shots work too, or even Dead-Squat bar etc. Get creative!


Great pic!


Awesome idea! Here are a couple actions shots from today.

[photo]39294[/photo] [photo]39293[/photo]


I need to get a shirt, wanted to rep the T-Nation for a while now, this gives me even better motivation to do so lol... Gonna try and hit a dead lift PR in a shirt and post it


Cool. Is that your home gym? Nice setup.


Yes sir. Single best investment I've ever made.


My attempt at trying to get a cool looking supplement shot in the home gym. I've usually got more hanging around, but seeing as the home gym isn't my home anymore, that's all I had on me.


Sorry about that, the gym is actually right side up.


Here's one of mine...



Justin, how do the sleeves keep falling off your shirts?