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T-Nation Should Interview Dr. Crisler

An interview with Dr. Crisler would be very informative and educational. He seems to be the “cutting edge” when it comes to TRT.

What is the consensus here?

Good guy, I use him. The only part of his protocol that I don’t like is no Adex until after the first set of labs. If you choose shots that’s 6 weeks! I’ve yet to hear of anyone that is on TRT that doesn’t need Adex. I didn’t use Adex for the first two weeks and now I’m trying to get my E2 under control myself. No fun at all.

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He is my doctor also. I used adex at first now I use DIM, TMG, and Myomin to control Estrogen. Its working great. He is cutting edge and a very good doctor.

Awesome Dr… Very well informed on TRT protocol and would make a great interview I’m sure. Just started with him and waiting to take my Rhein test to see where I’m at.

Lets make this happen