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T-Nation Should Have a Genius App


It'd be awesome if T-Nation had a setup like Itunes' Genius or Amazon's people who bought this item also bought these items. I'm not saying to do this for the store. More so for the articles. For example if you liked the article titled the set rep bible you might like article x,y, or z.


I think it's been brought up before, but a T Nation app would be nice. Or a mobile friendly website. I don't really know how this shit works, I just know I can't watch videos posted on the forums from my phone.


I was going to say some smart ass stuff like - I'm TNation's resident Genius but then I realized you're talking about F/N apps.

Apps - WTF - - Playoffs??? oops, Chicago Bears are on my mind.


Let's face it; 90% of the people on these forums are idiots. Even a "genius" won't help them. Interesting idea though.


there is truth and wisdom in this statement~


They can barely maintain a functioning forum...baby steps


that's because iPhone doesn't support flash as far as i know (unless it's changed)