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T-Nation: secession's looking ever better

www.cnn.com/2002/US/South/10/15/ fried.twinkies.ap/index.html (remove space in link after 15/)

Back in OZ, we used to get deep fried Mars and Snickers bars after drunken Yiros binges. Those things are dangerous. 400 degree molten caramel stuck to the roof of your mouth! Not another word out of you Ko! lol.

What ever happened to good, old ice cream? Or caramal apples?

Deep Fried Twinkies? That's just gross. Ko and I went to the State Fair last year, just to check it out. It was sad, sad. I think the pigs and cows were in better shape than many of the people there.

Pat, it’s not even the grossness of deep-fried twinkies that upsets me; it’s the EXCESS involved. I mean, if there’s anything that could serve as the paradigm of gluttony, it’s deep-frying something that’s already inconceivably bad for you.

hehe… and guess what? this is only the begining… 60% is overweight or obese? well in a decade maybe 80% who knows…