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T-Nation Screen Saver

I just got a new PC and noticed the screensaver now has a new feature which allows you to use your own photos. (Yeah, I know, 'bout time I got rid of Windows '76.)

So here’s what I did. I saved a few of my favorite T-Nation graphics off the site. (Right click, Save As etc.) If you haven’t noticed already, those graphics change about once a week and our graphics guys are art-teest! So if you have the latest version of Windows or whatever, find this “My Pictures” option in your screensaver section and start grabbing those cool T-Nation graphics. Then set it to rotate through the different pics randomly.

I have the T-Nation tribal symbol. Under it, the quote “Join the Nation”. People keep walking up to my desk asking if they have made me drink the Kool-aid.
However, invinciblehero is a resulting T-Nation convert.

Yeah the I spotted the T-Nation logo on jodgey’s desktop. He just told me three words. “Join the Nation.” So I peeped the site a little bit and now I’m a daily reader.

Just remember, our Kool-Aid has much higher quality protein than other fanatical groups’ Kool-Aid.

But you dont get that euphoric, out of body experience feeling.
I came close one time after throwing up in a garbage can after heavy, heavy squats.

Me thinks you just wanted to show off your Dell LCD panel, which btw, is sexy as hell!