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T-Nation Restaurants in Bay Area


I live in the Bay area (I'm on the Peninsula specifically) and looking for a quality restaurant with big healthy portions (chicken, fish, etc). No restaurants with small portions, or food cooked in grease.

Any recommendations?


Berkley has a lot of quality Indian food, chicken curry, lots of homemade flat bread, theres a place by amoeba music thats really good. the main strip in Berkley has tons of places.

china town in frisco has a lot of good places, big mound of beef brocoli and rice cant go wrong.

just realized i got to the bay area pretty often and can name a single restaurant really, i normally just go walking for a 5-10 minutes and find somewhere.

best bet for big portions at good price and good quality is china town


If you’re ever in San Jose, look up the Sonoma Chicken coop, there’s 3 or 4 of them around the city. Amazing home cooked food, big portions, typically ~10 bucks so not too expensive.


I like to find a japenese steak house, or ill order double at some rest.