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T Nation Race in 2020?

Hey all,
I started competing in triathlons last year, as well as trail races and duathlons. I’m on the east coast of the US, and there are races all up and down the coast from late March until November.

Would anybody be interested in racing a sprint triathlon (500-750m swim, 12 mile/20k bike, 3 mile/5k run), a trail race (5, 10, 15, 20, or 40K), or a relay (one person swims, one bikes, one runs) this year?

Ironically, right before the pharma disaster the other day, I had been discussing “proof of life” with a couple members, and I know people have met up before IRL on here, but it’d be cool to get together and do something fitness-related instead of just lunch or what have you.

If you have any interest in any sort of race or event, up to and including tough mudders, let me know! I’m pretty much good to travel anywhere from SC to PA year round with proper notice, and if anyone is interested I can list various events and dates in different states.

If not, I suppose I’ll just be doing what I did last year and challenging myself, but it’d be cool to set something like this up.

Lemme know!

P.S. There is no minimum level of fitness I require besides you being able to safely complete a race, and trust me, I have seen some overweight individuals finish. It’s not about winning, just about the challenge.


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Good idea Flap, one of these days it would be fun to meet up with a few other members. PA would only be ~5-6hr drive for me. I definitely won’t be driving that far to do cardio though!


Haha fair enough!

Although, a sprint tri is just that - sprint the whole way.

I didn’t have particularly high hopes for people driving to make themselves miserable, but it’s a very cool and community-driven sport. All good vibes at all the events.

Now, AFTER the event, beers and food are a necessity, and they often have beer and food tents for competitors once the race is done.

Unfortunately, they never have a 420 tent and I have to supply my own…

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Consider my interest piqued.


I’ll probably have a decent amount of work travel scheduled along the coast this year. I’ll keep you in mind when the trips are coming across my calendar.

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100% interested, but being stationed in San Diego with a hectic deployment schedule, doubt I’ll be seeing any of the east coast in 2020. Maybe once I make my way to South Carolina

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@mr.v3lv3t gimme a shout anytime, the more notice the better!

@atlas13 all I did was deploy in the Marines, ha, I know where you’re at. I own a house here so I’m not going anywhere. Whenever you find yourself in the area I’ll be here