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T-Nation Publicity


I was on the Crossfit site, and followed a link on the front page to the Men's Journal website. The link said that Crossfit was #4 on the list of the 50 Greatest Fitness websites. Pretty cool.

But T-Nation was #5.

That's cool.




For overall health and fitness I can't believe a running site, but getting #5 isn't too bad considering most people's ignorance to bodybuilding.

It's also nice to see that this is the one of many other bodybuilding sites that actually made their list at all.

You don't have to sift through a bunch of crappy info to get to the good stuff like you do at other places.

It?s nice to see some recognition.


Actually, the way it's set up isn't really Top 50 overall but rather in categories. T-Nation was best "MUSCLEHEAD'S PARADISE". I looked over the list and it was the only real weight training / bodybuilding site. Cool!

Was this in the Men's Journal paper magazine?


I don't read the paper version, but they had a screen shot or something, so I think it was. Actually, I don't read the online version either, I just happened to find it on Crossfit.

And it IS the only real weight training / bodybuilding site, right? :slight_smile:



is a "musclehead" sort've like a meat-head?