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T-Nation Public Apology


I would like to apologize in advance for any heartache, inconveinience, grief or anything else that may result in the changing back of the Avatar to pointing Rockscar.

No more lame poses, no more titties. I cruize this site at work and I can't have half naked boobies popping up, even as nice as they are. It's time to ressurect my old self!

So for now..... it's straight up back 'in your face' Rockscar with the old attitude to go with it!

Again, my deepest of apologies.


Well, if I look hard enough and use my imagination I can still see boobies in your avatar. hahaha


Your brother says hi.


the boobs will indeed be missed, but your a handsome chap anyway...


nice one fucker.


Can I borrow those boobs I seemed to have lost mine....


LMAO...Welcome back brother in all of your glory!


Just go shave your head, baldy.


Wayland....I told you to keep this stuff OFFLINE!


When I first came to this site, I saw your avatar and thought you looked kinda menacing with the point and all that.


Yeah, now you know I'm just a 5'7" punk!


Dude, you SUCK!!!!


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BIG Time!


After seeing your progress pic, its quite alright.


YOU ASSHOLE! You took them off your 'my T-Nation' photos too.


Can I head up a search team on your behalf?


Yea, I can lend a hand....or two.


Still a bit scary.


Yea, that was my thought too.

Come one, no one at work would see them, I mean her, if it's in your profile.