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Ok, so you know the drill: One week someobody's telling you to have a PWO meal the minute you stop lifting, the next week it's within the hour, the next week it's within 2 hours, etc.

I'm not really here to debate over any of these theories, but rather to get an idea of what some successful vets eat for post-workout nutrition.


Immediately post workout two scoops Surge one scoop Biotest Creatine and three to four BCAA's.

Within one and half to two hours later a whole food meal consisting of about thirty to forty grams of protein (Meat) with a heaping helping of vegetables and maybe a another carb such as potatoes, pasta, or whole wheat bread. This is done consistently.



for me... on the Anabolic diet....

2 scoops protein.


16oz kc strip....

best post workout meal ever.


Surge, choclate milk w/whey, a scoop of whey and some fat-free frozen yogurt. Anything that's liquid (or almost liquid, i.e., frozen yogurt), low in fat and high in sugar works. Be creative.


Recently i've been having about 250ml of fresh fruit juice immediately upon finishing my workout. Then 20 mins later(after my shower), 3 scoops of Surge with a little extra whey protein and 6 Boitest BCAA pills.

The Surge def helps recovery


First of all, I choose not to purchase Surge for purely financial reasons, but recognize that it is surely superior to any concoction I could possibly create on my own.
This disclaimer is soley to help prevent people from totally freaking out and telling me I should allocate my funds differently, maybe I should, but if I could I WOULD.

That said, I've been fairly sucessful with my personal post workout shake, which I asap after training.
1 1/2 scoops whey protein (~45g)
5g creatine
~90g simple sugars coming from gatorade concentrate and pure maltodextrin
12oz milk
a tbsp greens+ (when its around)

About one hour later its a high carb, high protein meal (roughly 60/40 spilt), then an hour after this meal its a high protein, high fat meal. Beyond this I just eat, with a high protein, high fat meal before hitting the sack (and a couple ZMA's).


Surge during

Immediate post w/o FOOD. example today

parm cheese
olive oil
Pear and
Metabolic Drive


For optimizing all aspects of muscle growth and recovery, info in the following still holds: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=659666

Of course 'biochemically optimal' is not always the most comfortable.

Short version: pre workout still kicks PWO's ass.

Edit: My latest Article Insider is about Supplements for Recovery, available from http://www.RaiseTheBarr.net


If it wasn't a namby-pamby day then Surge post workout. I just can't be arsed to carry a container around the gym with me every day.


A serving of Surge during my workout then a serving of Surge immediately afterwards.

1.5 hours later, a turkey sandwich, a bigass bowl of whole wheat pasta, skim milk, and a banana.


Who says namby-pamby?


I never do Surge Pre or During, only Post. Can't say I've ever had an issue with recovery. Sorry Dave but I just can't buy into the need for Surge Pre-Workout. I've done it (pre only) and actually noticed a reduction in recovery ability, plus I hate having to piss in the middle of squatting, especially once I get it all setup. You walk away- you lose your spot. Now I could see doing it pre, during, and post, but that would get expensive.

In fact, I never do anything during but a little bit of water. I'm like vroom, I hate carrying anything around with me in the gym. For Pre I'll eat one or two Metabolic Drive bars, or something with solid protein in it and down 6 BCAA caps. Post I'll do 3 scoops Surge (the new formula where 3 is the normal serving size), Creatine, and 6 more BCAA caps.


A whole banana or just 0.9 of a banana. It makes a difference.


For pre-workout I like to have some protein in the digestive tract, but I don't like a meal right before going to the gym.

As for namby-pamby, it sounded funny, sue me.


LOL. Somebody posted that before, right? I vaguely remember this...

BTW thanks for the responses, keep em comin, along with anything else that you notice helps with recovery.


I will eat a small somewhat high carb meal about 30 to 45 minutes before working out. I then have 5 grams Biotest BCAA's about 15 minutes before training. I have messed around with the preworkout meal and have found that Surge makes me sick to my stomach when I am working out and a really big meal just makes my feel full and sluggish. I find that I lift the best when I have nailed all of my meals starting with breakfast. I can tell a difference if I miss a meal.

During workout - 5 grams Biotest BCAA's

Post Workout - 3 scoops Surge and 5 grams creatine. 5 grams Biotest BCAA's. Just starting using the Biotest and really like it. No grit at all.

Somewhere within 45 minutes to an hour and a half later, I have a solid meal consisting of 60ish grams of protein and about 65 or so grams of carbs.

About 2 hours later, I have a 2 scoop Banana Cream and 1 scoop Chocolate Low-Carb Metabolic Drive shake and then off to bed a little while later.


I just noticed that the Tip of the Day is about Recovery: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1344513

Good stuff! :slight_smile:



Man, you guys gotta be careful with those PI's. My dick just about jumped out of my pants.


My current regimen, I workout at 5am, goes like this:

Wake up, eat 1 cup of oatmeal along with a whey shake in whole, raw milk. (Yes, this matters to me). Wait about an hour, and head to the gym. During workout, I drink\eat nothing but water.

Post workout - whey shake and dextrose combo. 25g whey, 50g dex. Within 1 hour, or once I get to work, my daily PWO meal has been 6 scrambled eggs, 4 strips of bacon, and two slices of Ezekiel bread.

Workouts\recovery\strength gains have been GREAT over the past few months.


That was a great article. One of the girls gave me the link recently and it was very helpful in determining my pre and post workout meals.