T Nation Plans

BASI6 6 weeks to Elite Fitness-(1)

by Christian Thibaudeau

Basi6 is a six-week boot camp to prepare you for T Nation apex training programs.

Velocity Diet 4.0

Chris Shugart – with Tim Patterson, Ellington Darden, Christian Thibaudeau, and TC Luoma

The Velocity Diet is a 28-day state-of-the-art strategy that uses daily protein pulses to stimulate protein synthesis and boost protein uptake, utilization, and metabolic rate. The goal is to lose body fat while building muscle at the fastest, healthiest rate.


Christian Thibaudeau

Metcon for Muscle is Christian Thibaudeau’s most advanced and toughest training plan – the one he uses for his top athletes to build the fitness qualities of a pro:

  1. To build a fully developed muscular body.
  2. To drop body fat below 10% for walk-around leanness.
  3. To condition for unstoppable work capacity.


Christian Thibaudeau

FIREADY Strong is an apex training course that weaponizes strength and conditioning. The goal is to develop first responders and battle-ready warriors capable of winning any fight or challenge.

M3 Pure Muscle

Ellington Darden, Ph.D.

M3 Pure Muscle is a strategy for training muscles while fully pumped with growth nutrients. The system’s three repetition layers and specialized workout fuel potentiate muscle volume and protein synthesis for rapid hypertrophy.