T-Nation Physical Education

Hey All,
This is my first ever post, but a veteran lurker I suppose. I teach K-5 Physical Education at a private school and was wondering the following: Knowing what you do now, what would you have liked to have seen or done in phys.ed.? I want to make my program the talk of the town so to speak and have my students love fitness. The K-2 group spends much of the time with loco- and non-locomotor movements, but they get the fitness aspect as well.

How about just let them play games like tag? Jail break? Games that allow them to run around like crazy etc.?

Not sure what you are after but I am not a big fan of asking kids to “specialize” in any sports or lifting regimes or whatever.

Just be kids, play, and have fun!

I fully agree with the letting them play and not specializing. Club soccer is killing me. Nothing wrong with soccer, but I rarely see my students playing it after Middle school.
Thanks for the reply.

Bring back the monkey bars, climbing rope, horizontal ladders. Kids are lacking upper body strength big time. God help them if they ever fall out of a boat and have to hang on for more than a minute.

Do you have the space and budget to build an obstacle course? Maybe you could design it with stations that could be easily adjusted or modified to as to change it up every couple of weeks.

Try tires. I got a girls softball team that thinks they’re the cat’s ass. They flip tires around the bases. We have relay races flipping tires. They all have sandbags. With a rope handle the sandbag converts to a “kettlebag” or is it a “sandbell”.

Just mix it up, As you probably know, they get bored easily. Don’t be afraid to set the bar high.

Keep everyone posted on your progress and how the kids respond to new stuff.


Politically incorrect (Smear the Queer) was my favorite game then it had to be (War)