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T-Nation Phone App


How cool would that be?

I know there's got to be a lot of people who access this site through a smart phone like I do, and would love to see a T-Nation App for their phone.

It would be nice to be able to upload photos straight from my phone as well.... I mean come on, even those turds over at bb dot com have an app.

Can we get an app support thread going? Or maybe any insight from a mod on if this is a possibility or not? Thanks


I would get it.


I'd even buy it.. if it was a dollar or maybe even 2.


easy there, money bags, some of us have kids to feed.


There's an app meant for checking forums. It's only for android as far as I know.


Damn, I thought this would be a link to a T-Nation app.


Honestly, I think a mobile version of the site would be easier than writing an actual App.

Nerd Alert:
Especially for the articles and such, that would not take terribly long at all. Plus the main site blows ass for mobile phones as is. I mean really, loading all of the FA stuff, along with huge ass images AND a flash video, that's going to buttfuck even the most current phones out there.

Another problem with writing an app would be that the Mods/Tech support people would have to familiarize themselves with the iPhone SDK, which takes time (how much i do not know). And even if you do that, how many people have iPhones that visit the site? Personally, i own an Android based phone, so it would be useless to me.

Short version
Mobile version > Android/iPhone app.


Yeah, I got pretty excited too. Even peed a little. Fuck you greg!


i'm just trying to generate some "buzz", if you will, so that we could possibly get an app. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for that


Yeah, I got pretty excited too. Even peed a little. Fuck you greg!


I won't hold you accountable if it never happens, but only because you've been so helpful in the RFL thread.


If I knew how to do computer stuff and write programs I would contact the T-Nation staff and propose the app... I'm sure there has gotta be someone on these boards that could/would do it?


Don't we have a geek forum in here? I never check it, but I think it's up to 5.0 now or something.


Thought about the same concept. Only recently have I made this site less laborious to use on my smartphone by preventing images from being loaded.


Yup, we have a geek forum, but we only talk about movies, video games, comics, gadgets and the like. Nothing really too tech savy ie programming, writing scripts....or how to DDoS an ex.


This is sort of the right idea...
Only issue is that you can only see the first post in the thread.


2x on the mobile version please. It would make browsing and posting on this forum easier when out.


pray tell, what app is this, good sir?


We can totally upload vids from a max we did 2 minutes ago!

holy shitballs


Cmon Ponce, not everyone is a phone whore. You gotta give details

Polo, It's called Tapatalk Pro, it's free and it basically streamlines the forums on a smartphone. Nothing but small avatars and what people post.

The only thing is T Nation would have to develop the tech for it. You can't just use any forum on it