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T-Nation Peeps Are the Sh**!!


Since my brother died I try not to let a day go by without showing those I love that I love them. You never know what may happen tomorrow. I want to be a bit corny and say "Kumbaya" to everyone here.

Everyone here is so cool, gracious, open, loving, caring and supportive of one another. And I've made friends with some really wonderful people, and I know others have similarly hooked up with others for friendship and even love connections.

Even when we're messing with one another, you can see that everyone here really is supportive of each other. Where else can you find such a great group of people? YOU GUYS ARE SO GREAT!!!!!!!

Too bad we don't have our own t-island where we can all hang on the beach all day, along with TC, Chris Shugart and the others, the vixens in bikinis, the guys in Speedos (j/k)...ok the guys in lounge shorts.

Anyway, Love to T-Nation!!!!


PS-- pretend the slot machine is T-Nation...I'm sending a kiss and hug to everyone. Love you guys lots.


I think the feeling is mutual with regards to you, China.


If you really loved us there'd be a bit more skin happening in that pic.

What's up with the pokie machine getting lucky?


how many fingers do you have on your left hand?


Respect baby.


Love to you, Professor X!


You wish, Sxio! Haha j/k!

Love to you, Sxio!!


Hey, looks like four, eh? I lost one in an acrylic nail accident. J/K!!




Love to you!!!!!!!


Oh no, now I feel I must apologize for dressing up like a slot machine just so I could get some play... :open_mouth:

My bad!


Definitely mutual


You are right-on Wahine!

Mahalo for the Mahalo,

Aloha Sistah.



I will never be able to pull the handle on a slot machine again. You've cured me of my gambling addiction, you bastard.


Thanks for being who you are, Chinadoll.


Worst thread ever!


Ugualmente, ChinaDoll!

I'm all up for the island thing! There was one sold on ebay for $6 million I think. Unfortunately when it was high tide it would dissapear!


Hugs to ChinaDoll sent from China.


Aw, you're a seetheart, chinadoll.


I'm sorry to hear about your brother.


China, thanks for the thoughts and the positivity you always shine with! Love ya!



The thread title is inaccurate. Actually, Chinadoll is the shit. The rest of us are just fumes.