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T-Nation Pastafarians


I believe in the One Monster, Creator of Goodness and of Nourishment, and of Sustenance.

I believe in the Pasta, and the Sauce, and the Meatballs, for they provide me all that I need.

I believe in the Many Beverages that the Flying Spaghetti Monster provides, for they engender true fellowship and will quaff them heartily, whether it be Beer, or Wine, or Sweet Ice Tea (in the South), or even Milk or Kool-Aid, for it is not good to withhold fluids, and we need to take care of our Bodies, the Beneficiaries of His Holy Goodness.

I believe that in his Creamy Deliciousness, He has given us the healthful Green Salad, the Yummy Garlic Bread, and the Blessed Cheese for the top of our Spaghetti, and If we eat All our Dinner, a Dessert of Extreme Chocolateness will surely follow, preferably Dark Chocolate, for it is Good. (That part's my idea, the dark chocolate part.)

I believe that Our Wonderful Flying Spaghetti Monster is neither Male, nor Female, but is instead beyond the reaches of the gender confusion of Man and Woman Kind, yea, the FSM is ageless, timeless and all-encompassing.

I believe that FSM has created all there is for our entertainment and sustenance, and has given unto us the mental capacity to adapt the mythologies of This Universe to aid and comfort us here, until that day we are able to join together at the foot of the Beer Volcano and enumerate our specifications at the Stripper Factory so that happiness and contentedness and good cheer be present for all, forever and forever,



Is this weird-post evening or something?


I am touched by his noodle appendage.

Geek boy





I believe that global warming is inversely correlated with the number of pirates. FSM says we must don our peg-legs and eye patches if we are to stop the advances of this environmental menace.

May your faith in his Noodly greatness hold firm through all future hardships, and your dreams be as meaty as the Flying Spaghetti Monster himself.




Just so you know, there's already a FSM thread...matey.



Yes, but this one was made with the specific intent to mock christians.


Why would you do that? I know many Christians who are as embarrassed about ID being taught as science as the rest of us. If you are referring only to Creationists, then the old thread did that rather well.

I don't see the point.


One Love, One Pie, In EYE...

PASTAFARAI (and Pizzafarai)


Behead those who mock the FSM (pbuh).


Here's the thing...if you are going to be outrageous, then also be funny. I mean this shit is pretty lame.


not to a pastafarian


hey dude, I thought it was funny.... The Pastafarian thing has been a running joke with some friends of mine and I for YEARS now...


I considered being a pastafarian. But Christianity is lower in simple carbs.




Yeah, but you miss out on all the noodles and meatballs jokes.


Oh, in that case it's hillarious. Ughhh, do you and your friends sit around jackin off to Dice Clay albums too?


Damn cazzo, that was pretty funny but I don't want to know how the hell you thought of it.


Not as lame as modern american evangelical christianity...


I am a member of a sub sect of linguiniosti, not as noodly as the main core of FSM followers. I believe in the general spirit, and whilt i understand the pirates and global warming association, i believe that it is infact the number of dabloons stolen, rateher than the numbers of pirates that has a correlation with global icecaps.

I go forth with pesto.